Work-from-Home Jobs in Biotechnology that Pay over $100K

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By Angela Johnson

June 05 , 2020

It is New Year’s Eve 1999 and analysts at the Harvard Business Review agree that the next twenty years will be the age of biotechnology. As exhilarating as it was to be ushering in a new century, it was even more so knowing that the world was about to drastically change. Little did revelers know at the time just how dramatic the change in biotechnology was going to be.

Fast forward to the year 2020 and the advances in the scientific and medical world are probably greater than expected twenty years ago. One thing that the world certainly did not expect was for employees to have the ability to work from home while contributing to the fields of science and medicine.

If you are new to the idea of working remotely, you may be skeptical if there are really jobs in this industry that accommodate employees working remotely. More surprising to some is that there are jobs within biotechnology that can be done from home AND earn more than $100K.

Are you a scientist in the field of Biotechnology who is sick of the daily commute? Do you want to have work-life balance like your counterparts who work in marketing, finance, or even as freelancers? You may be thinking that there is no chance that a scientist can work from the comfort of his or her home while still making an impact on the scientific world. You, as a professional in the biotechnology field, should be familiar with the advances in technology, science, and innovation that have now brought the world to the technologically advanced position it is in!

According to, there is no better time in history to work from home than right now. As a result of the recent global pandemic, employers and employees are more likely to see the value and ability for remote work. Thus, you will likely see an uptick in the number of high-paying jobs in the biotechnology industry.

Let’s take a glimpse at some of the recent job postings that we are sure may be of interest to anyone in the science and biotechnology fields (of course, these jobs are time-sensitive and these positions may no longer be available. I just wanted to give you an idea as to some positions that are out there):

  • Bioinformatics Lead. As a full-time, remote position, requiring a high level of education, knowledge, and experience, it will certainly offer an employee the salary that they are looking for. The employee must have experience with bioinformatics, like Python and R, as well as a solid understanding of biostatistics development and should be able to write fast-threaded code. Increasingly Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are in-demand skills. Sound like something that a developer could do remotely and earn a salary of over $100K?
  • Biotech Business Development Manager. This flexible, work-from-home opportunity in a biotechnology company does require some travel. A candidate must be familiar with medical sales, business development, and medical and health policies.
  • Medical Writing/Editor. Would you be surprised to know that medical writers and editors regularly make over 100k, and also get to research, explore PubMed, and meet with top scientists and MDs on a daily basis. More than 80% of medical writers and editors work fully remotely, with rare need to travel—perfect if you are trying to build work-life balance. And the American Medical Writers Association has a thriving community that can help you get started. As a remote opportunity, this position requires an employee to have experience in biological or medical science as well as prior experience putting together documents in MS Word and citation software, like Endnote or Mendeley.
  • Global Trial Lead. Ensuring that clinical trial deliverables are met, this remote position requires that a candidate be able to identify risks, ensure mitigation, define study placement, and manage a trial budget. During a global pandemic, Global Trial Leads specializing in infectious disease and biologics are highly sought after and appropriate as a remote position since they work across many global sites.
  • Pharmacovigilance and Drug Safety Specialist. This fully remote position supports the drug-development process ensuring regulatory adherence.
  • Senior Medical Science Liaison (MSLs). Like sales but on the science side, MSLs get to work with industry leaders in in the field. The MSL Society is a great place to start if you are interested in leveraging your science skills to work with people. As a full-time, remote position, this opportunity requires an advanced degree. The employee will be required to develop peer-to-peer relationships, provide scientific support, conduct therapeutic training, and participate in KOL planning. Pro-tip, there is also a lot of travel.
  • Clinical Research Association (CRA). CRAs spend their time working with sites, either remotely or travelling. They check that the sites are following the rules of research, quality, and regulatory requirements. If you love to travel and work with clinical teams, this could be the job for you—and it’s a great jumping off point into the wider clinical research industry.

For those companies hiring remote employees in these high-tech positions, they already understand and appreciate the value that their employees bring to the table. As the world of business has changed, they have had to modify their policies and corporate culture to accommodate employees’ increasing needs for flexibility. It is highly likely that the availability of work-from-home opportunities will be on the rise in the coming years opening the door for employees to utilize their education, skills, and knowledge while having the work-life balance that they desire.

Still skeptical that you can have a career in the biotechnology field, work remotely and earn more than $100K? Why not check out some of these positions? You may be pleasantly surprised that there are many more remote opportunities than you expected.

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