I’m Angela, and I help biotech leaders shape their careers and their companies.

Hi, I am Angela N. Johnson. I am a writer, speaker, and executive coach that works with visionary entrepreneurs in medicine, health, and engineering to develop new products. From engineering development to venture-backed funding and regulatory approval, I speak the language of biotech product development.

Health entrepreneurs are innovators. Emerging biotechnology involves taking that innovation to the world, with a mix of creativity, technology, and a dash of human perspective (behavioral psychology anyone?). Success means aligning diverse voices, often across scientific fields, geographic borders, and business know-how.

I can enable and motivate you and your teams, with a unique blend of scientific and policy knowledge coupled with practical aspects from my years in the global biotechnology business.

I have more than 15 years experience in biotechnology and health information technology, and have been a speaker and published author for interoperability, agile in medtech, medical, medical marketing, VC pitch deck development, materials engineering, FDA and global regulatory submissions, and more.

I founded my consulting service ANGI e-Biotech in 2007, which is now Angela N Johnson Consulting. I lead a small team dedicated to helping biotech and medtech professionals grow their careers, and become business leaders in some of the most innovative, cutting edge technologies on the planet.

I am an in-demand consultant and keynote speaker focusing on how humans interact within biotechnology organizational ecosystems. I am also a Certified Project Management (PMI), Regulatory Affairs Consultant for biomedical products (RAC), and Private Equity and Venture Capital Manager that understands not just the science, but also the innovative people who drive these firms forward. 

Above all, I am has a passion for helping the biotech and medtech professionals grow their careers and drive their organizations forward-- and ultimately bring the most innovative products to patients.


My work has been featured in magazines like Wilma, Regulatory Focus, and more, and featured in academic journals like the Journal of Anesthesia Intensive Care Medicine, Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine, Oncology, and American Journal of Neuroradiology (AJNR), where my collaborators and I were awarded the Levy Best Original Research article award in 2017.

  • Strategic executive consulting for the life science industry.
  • Keynote talks at the intersections of technology, human behavior, and biopharma.
  • Business venture and regulatory consulting for new life science products.
  • Executive coaching targeted for biotech and medtech firms.

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