Online Jobs for Grad Students: How to Make 6-figures while you’re still in school

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By Angela Johnson

May 15 , 2020

You have already taken the first step in having a successful career by applying for Graduate School. You understand the value of education and are looking forward to earning a decent salary immediately upon graduation.

Unfortunately, the road to that glorious, esteemed place is riddled with speed bumps and craters. While you focus on your education, your bank account suffers and your social life, well, there is not much to be said about that! Your lack of funds and inability to work a full-time or even part-time job has left your finances in a state of let’s call it ‘unprecedented destitution’.

While you know that eventually the situation will turn around and you will have the finances that you need to survive and enjoy life, why should you have to wait until you finish graduate school to reap the benefits of that 6-figure income that you dream of!

In the digital world that we live in, working remotely has never been easier. Whether you are looking to beef up your resume or simply earn some side cash, the world of online jobs is now the wave of the future. There are hundreds if not thousands of opportunities on the internet to not only put some spending money in your pocket but potentially make big money all while you’re still in school.

Let’s look at several online jobs that you can fit into your busy schedule and earn a very nice living while you’re still in school.

  • If you are good at something, why not share that knowledge with college students who may be struggling. Eager parents may even be willing to pay higher rates for online tutoring for their high school students for the SATs and ACTs. You’ve been there. You know the drill.
  • Share your expertise. Whether it is within your career field or a hobby, share your expertise with others. If you speak a second language, get paid to be a translator for scientific documents (good translators with biotech and medical knowledge are hard to find!). If you know special lab skills, tutor or others or even build an online training class.
  • Start an online business. You may be thinking that you don’t have enough time to work a job let alone start a business. Although it will require effort, research, and energy upfront, you can successfully launch a small business online that can continually bring in residual income for you. Have a product to sell? Create a website and attract customers. Set up an Amazon Drop Shipping business or an eBay store. Create academic materials, training, or even fun things like scientific stickers and plushies.
  • Get paid to write. Essays, books, blog articles, editing and proofreading services, copy and email letters, academic articles and research papers, etc. Whatever your area of interest or expertise, if you can write there is someone out there who needs something written. With online marketing, websites, digital content, and information on the web, there is a never-ending need for written material.
  • Usability testing. As new apps, websites, and interfaces get released every day, there is a constant need for reviewers. Why not sample a new app and get paid to give your opinion and suggestions!
  • Are you interested in something that may interest others? Write about it, talk about it, influence others with it. Make money with a blog through advertising, affiliate marketing, the sale of sponsored posts, and reviews.
  • Sell a How-to. Create an informational product that readers would gain insight and knowledge about a specific topic or product. If you are not a writer by nature, consider doing video how-tos to help viewers solve a problem.

While it may seem to be too good to be true, it is possible to earn a 6-figure salary as you work on your graduate degree. Take a look at how one student Alexis Schroeder not only earns extra money online but in fact, paid for her college education working online. In her interview with, Alexis gives her tips for success.

  • Do something you enjoy
  • Don’t wait! Get started right away
  • Be creative

For some, it may seem unconventional to work online AND go to school but we now live in a service-oriented world in which people are willing to pay for just about anything. The key to your earning potential is to get started. You have no way of knowing if you can earn money while going to graduate school until you give it a try.





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