Top Places to Find Full-Time Virtual Jobs

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By Angela Johnson

May 12 , 2020

When it comes to finding a full-time virtual job, most people are skeptical. It is something that they may have dreamt about but never really thought could be possible.

  • Can I find a job that pays me what I am worth?
  • Will an employer offer benefits for remote work?
  • Can I work in my field of experience?

The world of remote working is relatively new and for many people, kind of scary. Technology has advanced so much in recent years that working from home has become a reality and not just a pipe dream.

Yes, you can be paid what you are worth.

Yes, many employers pay a good salary AND benefits if that is what you are looking for.

Yes, depending upon your industry, you can most certainly find a job in your field of experience. Of course, while not EVERY job offers a work from home option, you can most certainly find a job in a very wide variety of industries. By their very nature, some jobs simply are not remotely available.

Once you are convinced that working in a virtual job could be for you, the next question is where do you look to find these online jobs? Doing a Google search of online jobs will certainly do the trick but it may be overwhelming when you see the massive list of companies, online search engines, and websites that offer virtual jobs. Instead, we have put together a list of several resources to help you find full-time virtual jobs and specific companies to get you on your way.

According to, several places offer the best opportunities to find a full-time virtual job.

  1. com – As the most popular social media site for professionals, it is an interactive portal where employers can promote their skills, and companies can find candidates. Just be sure to indicate on your profile the type of position that you are searching for as well as your remote working experience if any.
  2. com – A comprehensive search engine, this platform offers candidates the ability to be particular about their filter options and to identify positions that may be an ideal fit.
  3. com – Designed to connect job seekers and employers, this website has perfected the art of the job posting to attract ideal candidates.

These online job boards should keep you busy and provide you with a wealth of full-time remote opportunities. Now let’s take a different approach. Rather than searching aimlessly through lists of possible jobs, let’s look at specific companies that typically offer remote work opportunities and have created a culture in which virtual jobs are the norm.

The following contains just several of the many companies as identified by as some of the Top Companies with Remote Jobs in 2019.

  • Appen – With is a large number of opportunities, you can choose to work full-time or part-time and earn a great living while working remotely. Positions are available in translation, engineering, marketing, finance, and sales.
  • Liveops – No matter your industry, you can certainly find the need for call center operations. Offering flexible, full-time remote opportunities, this company describes itself as the “world’s largest cloud contact center”. It offers contact center solutions for a wide variety of industries including health care, finance, insurance companies, hospitality, and technology.
  • Amazon – The largest online retailer in the world offers full-time remote opportunities in nearly any field imaginable: real estate, customer service, product management and fulfillment, marketing, operations, finance, IT and sales. As quickly as Amazon is growing, check back often to see what new ideas and remote jobs they come up with.
  • United Healthcare – While it may seem odd that a health care provider is offering online jobs, United offers a wide variety of full-time remote opportunities in nursing, clinical care, customer service, and billing.

Lastly, if want to ensure that you find a full-time online job within your industry, try specific websites that offer these specific types of opportunities:

  • VirtualVocations – A jobs site focusing on remote roles
  • Media Bistro – From marketing to publishing to television, you are sure to find the full-time position that suits your needs.
  • Dice – Geared specifically for the technology industry, this platform is ideal for anyone looking to work remotely in this industry.
  • PowerToFly – A platform where you can network with other professionals, meet companies who are hiring for remote positions, and apply to available job postings.
  • Idealist – Connecting employees and companies in education, health and medicine, and community development.
  • Axiom Law – Remote jobs are not just for techies! A platform that connects lawyers with companies looking for legal teams.
  • Government Jobs– Interested in the public sector? Check out the many remote job opportunities working for the Federal government.

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