Strategic Gene Therapy Platforms & Partnerships: From Co-development to Companion Products

Presented at 2020’s Gene Therapy in Rare Blood Disease event in Boston, MA, this talk focused on:

With more investments in gene therapies to treat blood diseases than ever before, this presentations was given to show how biotech firms can stand out in what promises to be a competitive market of cell and gene therapy. I discuss how building an effective codevelopment program, understanding new FDA guidance documents surrounding codevelopment, and identifying which companion and diagnostics products would best enhance your platform are strategies that can help ensure your therapy will have competitive advantage.

Attendees at this workshop learned:

  • How companies collaborate to form an effective business partnership
  • Regulatory strategy in codevelopment
  • Using companion products in program development
  • Trial design and clinical strategy for codevelopment
  • Challenges of having multiple sponsors and concurrent programs
  • Companion product marketing and commercialization


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Preferred citation:

Johnson, A.N. [Workshop] Strategic Gene Therapy Product Platforms and Partnerships: From Codevelopment to Companion Products. Gene Therapy for Rare Blood Disorders March 3-5, 2020. Boston, MA USA. Accessed online at


You can download the slides from this presentation here.